How many of you guys even read wintergreen anyway

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I dredged up the draft pages i had done for Wintergreen and i’m not sure if i want to redraw them or just go ahead and cut the paper?

Also considering recent events (and some not so recent ones which are happening with alarming frequency), please keep yourselves safe. Make sure you have a few trusted people you can talk to if anyone does make you feel unsafe at all, especially if you are in a vulnerable position.

Friends, family and loved ones shouldn’t make you feel scared.

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I’ve been shitposting a lot lately and i’m going to try to make some more art for this blog soon but that needed to be reblogged

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I got sick of people asking about an engagement ring so from now on i’m wearing this one and thats that

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I kind of feel like rereading Homestuck

Whim tagged me and i never do these so why not
Name: Sarah Jane Mitchell
Nickname: Sarah is too short for nicknames :v i guess Plaid counts?
Birthday: December 14th
Gender: Cis Female
Sexuality: Panromantic ace
Height: 165cm ish i think? i dunno i’m short
Time zone: Almost certainly in the future compared to you, reader
What time and date is it there: Friday, August 29th at 4:29pm. And i am still in my PJs.
Average hours of sleep: Who even knows any more
OTPs: I don’t really… Have any?
First word to come to mindbutts
Last thing I said to my family: “Did you delete your facebook?”
One place that makes me happy and whyCafes. Sipping a coffee and being completely alone while surrounded by people is really calming to me.
How many blankets do I sleep under: Currently 4 duvets, the cat and my dressing gown
Favourite beverage: Coffee. How is this even a question
not going to tag anyone directly so if you want to do this thing, go for it
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life hacks: instead of playing the traditional wedding march when one walks down the aisle, play the pacific rim theme

Doodling my Wintergreen otp because i’m a nerd


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Life update: pretty much nailed the job interview i had on friday; had a follow up interview on saturday and ended up working there for 6 hours. Now i’m working there for a full day tomorrow “to make sure we don’t scare you off”, so yeah. Got a job :V

So hang on why is everyone mad at aaron diaz this time?

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hwat the fuck

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Okay i wandered off to make a pie for my flatmates and came back to a few messages, but i feel like these need to be shown together

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