algae has no genitals (i hope this is challenging for you)

Due to some bizarre quirk of fate, whenever life and death take human bodies, one of them ends up losing or severely injuring a limb somehow. At current, Life has a withered leg from a chemical explosion.

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Scandal! Lots of scandal!

THIS IS SO VAGUE I am assuming its for the OC meme

Oh man where to even start here. My OCs are literally just a giant tangle of dumb gossip.

I guess i’ll go with Life + Death? Life was in love with Dream, who quickly became obsessed with his brother Death. Death wanted nothing to do with her, so in one last ditch effort to get his attention she killed herself- hoping he’d have to escort her soul back into life’s domain. This was how everyone found out that gods don’t die, they shatter into pieces and become a bunch of new people :V

Also how everyone learned Life gets more than a little pissy when people like his brother better.

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Jules' solution to almost all problems is to run away and feel sorry for himself until someone else fixes it, his story is mostly about him coping with a problem only he can solve.

Despite usually seeming relatively cranky and unfriendly, Demetrius goes out of his way to help other people. He’s pretty useless at solving his own problems though.

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I voted but i didn’t get an i voted sticker because the guy giving them out was distracted :c

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Gopher originally started out with four legs, but a few years ago I started having severe pain in my left foot, so to help me cope with it I removed Gopher's left hind leg. It made me feel a lot closer to him as a character, and I definitely don't regret doing it. :)

Myrtle is dangerously close to my personality + how i would react to things, and she also struggles with depression. Too bad i’m not also a magical girl :v

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Nancy has 8 siblings and several of those have their own children, most of the family still tries to meet up during space christmas

Cleoni has one sibling whom she has never met; a younger brother. She rarely sees any of her family any more, apart from the odd cousin her grandmother sends to convince her to come back into the fold.

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Hooverbaby's habitation module was empty even before it was filled with liquid dread.

Brooke and Jianni, 16 and 19 respectively, have to live alone apart from their carers in a huge mansion house in order to protect themselves and everyone outside from their psychic incontinence (…is the best way to describe it??). Brooke can count the number of times shes touched another person on 1 hand since she moved in at age 4.

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Oh man i totally forgot about that art challenge. I guess i should start that today :v

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Steven Soupgal has been carrying around his best friend's body inside whatever trol seasson's sylladex ripoff was called since act 1.

Even since watching Madoka, Myrtle is terrified that her magical girl gem secretly has her soul inside of it. She almost throws up when she hears that Ivy drilled a hole through hers so she could turn it into a necklace.

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Jackie gets really uneasy around fires even though she can shut off her nerves and her body has extra coolant systems to accommodate for the heat generation on her weird robomuscles.

Cleoni once accidentally burned most of her hair off using fire magic, and despite the tradition for women to keep their hair long in her culture, she has cut it short since then.

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Unless she concentrates, my character can see emotion but not colors.

Suzy (of Wintergreen) is stone deaf, and can lipread red (sort of). She and Merry get along best, communicating through a sort of sign language.

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Despite being a hyper-aggressive treehugger, Harv is not a vegetarian because she believes in the circle of life and survival of the fittest and junk. She still gets furious when Guy does crap like eat pigeons though

Merry can and will slingshot a bird out of the sky and just go ahead and eat it raw, much to the distress of her companions when she gets off of her island. Delicious.

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» tell me a thing about your OC and I’ll tell you a related one about mine

ribsgrowback: Yessss thank you i will twwet you tomorrow

lemmyloop: just manaphy! That would be fabulous (but i am going to bed now, so tomorrow)

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