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oh no

It’s mostly annoying because just want to listen to some music, damn it

Going to be pretty upset when it eventually implodes though

Welp, my computer is on it’s deathbed again. itunes skips like crazy every time i click something and even typing into this box takes a good 15 seconds before the text appears. Oh look it made the page non responsive



I thought this was fake, apparently it isn’t


I will share this panel because is has a cameo of Bernie and Cecil on a date, feat Cecil’s hideous sweater

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Post it but with a huge censor bar


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I really want to share progress on the comic i’m working on but i also don’t want to spoil it

Art is pain

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Things i learned today: Do not make a character with an asymmetrical undercut if you’re going to be drawing them mostly in profile

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Fog - Wax Chestnut


Download for FREE here!


Greetings everyone! I have officially released my first album/ep/whatever you want to call it: Fog.

An EP themed after different air particulates, this album features 8 original experimental electronic tracks. I put a couple months of hard work into these pieces and I am so excited to share them with you!

I’m really enjoying this!

Doing a wee colour test for a short comic i’m making. This girl’s name is Emily!

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Task for the day: pencil a stack of pages

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This evening i purchased some emotions

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kiwifruit skin eaters REPRESENT

I do not understand you but i respect your love for a delicious fruit

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O!!! when we were younger we ate kiwis by cutting em in half and scooping the stuff out with a teaspoon

That is the standard way to eat them here too. If you buy a pack of 4 it comes with a special kiwifruit spoon with a serrated edge on the handle to cut it in half :v

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dragonfogel replied to your post: theemptypot replied to your post: Peop…

I was told that when the fruit was first imported here, the first shipment was thrown out because they were all brown and fuzzy.

did you know you can eat kiwifruit with the skin still on, like an apple? One of my flatmates loves eating them that way, but the fur has always grossed me out too much to try. :v

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